183sqm rental studio located in Stockholm. The studio has a white cyclorama in a corner and a ceiling height of 4,95m. There is a reail system with black cloth that runs the entire length of the studio wich makes it easy to control the light bounce. In front of the large windows that are facing east there is white blackout curtains.

There is a large make up / lounge room with 2 stations, sofas, table and chairs.

In the kitchenette you can take care of your coffe needs.

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Blueprint Studio FTK

7500 SEK/day

Prices do not include VAT (25%).
If you wish to use our facilities in other than office hours (8-18) please ask for quote.


We have Profoto flashes, lights, grip, light stands, bouncers, flags etc. for hire. Click here for the full list.
We are located at Danvikstull on Södermalm, Stockholm, in "Det vita huset".
Load in is easiest through the main entrance which leads straight into the studio.
Parking is done on the street oustide and it is usually easy to get a spot.
If you go by public transport take bus 2 or 66 to Spårvägsmuséet or one of the many buses headed for Nacka and get off at Londonviadukten.

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